Moving to London; The Beginning

So you’re thinking of moving to London? Capital of the UK, home to the Queen – or more importantly, LFW – cultural hub and one of the biggest melting pots in the world. We’re going to start this off with a little dose of harsh reality; tough love if you prefer. Moving to London is hard, and there’s no doubt about it: it’s expensive, it’s crowded and sometimes, it can be fucking lonely. There are roughly 5,400 people cramming their way in to every square metre of this city, a number that’s rose by 16% since 2001.

Going out for a few beers costs half a day’s work, rent costs half your monthly salary, and it’ll take you an hour to get pretty much anywhere.

If you’re frantically unpacking your suitcase, don’t worry – of course, there are a few benefits to living in The Big Smoke. Well, a lot of benefits. Why else would 200,000 people move here every year?

Hip-hop karaoke, a cemetery for medieval prostitutes – and a festival in a historic graveyard; maybe the city is silently obsessed with death – pubs in disused underground lavs, black cabs, red telephone boxes, and two pelicans freely roaming around one of the city’s numerous parks…London really does have it all.

This website was designed by people who have experienced moving to, and living in London, and is dedicated to all of you that aspire to. Consider us your digital scrapbook: full of pretty pictures and the kind of sensible information that even your mum would be proud of. You can start slowly stuffing your briefs back in to your travel bag now, we’re going to teach you all you need to know.

Good Luck!

4 Replies to “Moving to London; The Beginning”

    1. Haha thanks Pietro, we’ve embarrassed ourselves quite a few times there already! Maybe we’ll see you there!



    1. So glad to hear you’re looking forward to reading! You absolutely should move if you get a chance, London is an amazing city 🙂

      Good luck and let us know if there’s anything you want to read about in future!


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