6 Unlikely Advantages of Living in London

Yes, you might spend your weekends perpetually lost and weekdays stuck in some hairy man’s armpit, but some of London’s worst traits can actually have surprising benefits. Here are our top six unlikely advantages of living in the city.

1. It’s generally accepted that no one living in the capital ever has any money (double this expectation if you’re surviving on minimum wage) and so ‘being skint’ is a perfectly acceptable excuse for avoiding social events that you had no intention of ever attending in the first place.

2. For that matter, living too far away acts as an equally convincing excuse for the same thing: “Ah mate, I didn’t realise your cousin’s son’s baptism is in North Acton, that means I’d have to get the 185 to Camberwell then the 148 to…’ – you can pretty much guarantee they’ve glazed over by that point and aren’t even listening to you anyway.

3. Being constantly unable to buy yourself new clothes makes you a pretty thrifty sale shopper, and those three moth-ridden t-shirts and your dad’s old jacket now constitute a ‘capsule wardrobe’ that will be graciously accepted by hipsters city-wide.

4. Sharing a three bedroom flat with seven other people makes adopting a more innovative approach to your daily bathroom routine essential. Gone are the days of practicing your BGT audition in the shower under seemingly endless supplies of hot water: ‘pits and bits’ is the new morning mantra.

5. Getting fitter – whether intentionally or not. Despite not setting foot in a gym for nearly seven years, jogging up and down the stairs of the underground does wonders for your cardio. Who knew the morning commute could result in thighs like Beyoncé?

6. Sitting in night after night leaves a lot of time for catching up on shows of the moment on Netflix and browsing social media, meaning you’ll never be short on awkward conversation with colleagues: ‘Did you know Angela from IT’s brother just got married?’ ‘Yes’, you think, ‘in excruciating, 214 photo’s worth of detail’.

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